Zukunftssymposium 2015 at GUT Landersdorf

Zukunftssymposium gUT Landersdorf

Zukunftssymposium GUT Landersdorf

Good conversations around Ecovillage living

Good conversations around Ecovillage living

On October 17th an interesting crowd of locals, regional organizers and sustainable net workers gathered in Landersdorf to share their thinking around regional development. In the focus was the question: how to create creative cultural dynamics on an educational and economical level in the area aiming for a resilient system adopting to the challenges we face.
In the open space time in the afternoon Valerie Seitz shared some related strategies she got to know in her studies on ecovillages world wide. And of course, the VISIpedia graphic on ecovillages was again helpful there.

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