GEN AUSTRIA Network meeting

GEN AUSTRIA Meeting with Storytelling by Sandro Langholz

The latest network meeting of GEN Austria took place in a nice revitalized building in the Künstlergasse in the 15th district. A group initiated a community light project there with shared flats, a communal space in the basement and a great roof top garden. After a tour through the place, Sandro Langholz shared some of his video footage he took during his travels in the past year. Focusing on self-sufficiency he visited small farms and co-housing projects in the south of Germany and Austria. The audience consisted of experienced community members as well as total ’newbies‘, which was a great base for sharing questions and answers.

Global Ecovillage Network Conference in Findhorn

1507 GEN VISIpedia stand

The GEN + 20 Conference in Findhorn, Scotland was a amazing gathering with people from all over the world: representatives of experienced and new communities, networks of all the continents, permaculturist, scientist – all sharing their experiences, views and questions.

The VISIpedia Graphic ‚Ecovillage‘ was received with enthusiasm. Teachers, project leaders and planners could see where to use the new poster in their professional settings. Potential cooperation were started and there is talk about translating the graphic into other languages.

More information on the event > GEN+20