VISIpedia goes EUPC

This August the Permaculture folk will gather in Wicklow, Ireland for the European Permaculture Convergence (EUPC 18). There will be loads of presenations an possibilites for exchange. Various organizations from all over Europe will send their represenatives and togehter they will create a think tank for the further development of the European Permaculture Network (EUPN).

We are pleased to announce that our English Posters will be presented at the event. Our project leader Valerie Seitz will give an intro on the methodology of the visual pattern lanuage we have developed in the open space.

Posters available in English (Sept 2018) >>

        Permaculture A2                 Food Coops A2                Ecovillage A2
        (special edition A0)


From October 2018 in English (also see gallery)>>
Climate Change (A1)
Food Souveranity (A1)
SDGs (A1)
Terra Preta (A2)

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A 2 folded to A4 or rolled
Business > 15 €
Private, NGOs > 10 €

A 1 folded to A4 or rolled
Business > 20 €
Private, NGOs > 13 €

Additional mail rate depends on your country, amount posters orderes and format.